Climate Resilience and Adaptation Strategies

Climate Resilience and Adaptation Strategies: 
A Capital Area Symposium

October 4, 2013
LBJ School of Public Affairs, The University of Texas at Austin

This Site Was Hacked

In November 2013 - about 6 weeks after the conference - this site was hacked. 

The site was able to be retrieved but the backups were several months old and so some of the newer content was lost. The plan is to re-add the audio files of the speakers and photos from conference.

We apologize for any delay in this. Once the conference was over other tasks and duties took precedence.


Welcome to Climate Resilience and Adaptation Strategies: A Capital Area Symposium. This one-day conference will bring Capital Area stakeholders together to identify and assess the shared challenges we face given the specific impacts of climate change in our region. The symposium provides a forum for learning about climate vulnerability in the region and sharing best practices in the area of resilience planning  here in Texas and throughout the U.S. Most importantly, it provides a space for identifying collaborative solutions for making the Capital Area more resilient.